Armpits: to some, they're a nuisance, places to keep deodorized and dry. To others, though, they're a hairy, smelly source of erotic delights.

"God, I love having my pits licked and kissed," says one beefy boy. "And if I've got my face in my own underarm, kissing whoever's doing the licking ... that's paradise." The armpits are a sensitive zone, all right. If a bit of ickle torture's what you're after, some guys' pits are excruciatingly ticklish. Others, though, find their own to be a pleasure-producing erogenous zone, just aching to be caressed and soaked with spit.

And, when it comes to other people's pits, many a man has gotten faint with desire when Mr. Right raises his left arm. There's the sight of hair, and the smell of sweat, and some fellows can't get enough. "The riper the better," one pit pig enthuses. "Whoever invented deodorant should be put in jail." And certainly a well-scented underarm, brimming with lust-producing pheromones and reeking of male sweat, can be a powerful crotch-stiffener. "I could bury my face in there and snuffle around for hours,"says the pit pig. "And then, afterwards, to smell him on my face? Yummy." Tastes vary, of course; some prefer recently-washed mildness, others the hardcore tang of "I haven't changed my T-shirt in days." Speaking of which, a man's stained and smelly undershirt can drive some pit fans over the brink.

Just the sight of an armpit can be like catnip. Half-hidden but easily exposed, there's something intimate and vulnerable about an exposed pit. "Call me crazy, but I love porn pictures of hairy men licking their own pits," says a bear who's pretty furry himself. And there's no doubt that such images of men reveling in their own animal maleness can be very hot. The semi-secret animal nature of armpits is part of the fun. In America, especially, where almost all women shave their underarms, the sight of a luxuriant bush of underarm hair can just shout "Male!" Then, too, the pit is a generally despised, somewhat smelly place to worship. Licking a man's rank armpits is not just a connection to his sweaty maleness but an act of submission, a much safer cousin to rimming, perhaps. (Of course, the submissive pit worshiper is being "forced" to wallow in the very thing he desires, but that's another story....)

As with every kind of kink, it's not necessary to be a major armpit fetishist to get off on the sight, smell, and feel of a man's underarms, to pause mid-fuck to throw your partner's arm up and start nuzzling and licking till the bush becomes slicked-down swirls. It's better, of course, if your friend's banned Ban, since deodorants can not only taste funky, but contain stuff you probably don't want to get in your mouth. But, human sexuality being the complicated delight it is, there's no doubt someone out there who comes every time he sniffs Right Guard.

Still, most pit fanciers are into something a bit more natural, something that escapes civilization's taming of natural smells and impulses, reeking of hard work and harder play Whether the trickle of underarm sweat during sex, the flurry of hair, or a man's uniquely individual scent, the armpit is a place worth exploring. Interested? Raise your hand.

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