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Speaking of Temperature

Some like it cold, some like it hot. And though most all of us like it stiff and dripping, temperature plays a part.

Most obviously, there's the weather. Be it a sultry June day in New Orleans or a hot afternoon spent nearly naked on a beach full of sweaty men, there's no doubt that summer spells lust for a lot of us. And when it comes to hot and wet, a steaming Jacuzzi for two, hard dicks bobbing just below the surface, is steamy indeed. Not everyone's crazy for heat, though. "Heat makes me feel slow and dumb," says one August-hater. "I like the winter, chilly and crisp outside, so I can snuggle under the covers in a warm bedroom with an, excuse the pun, hot guy."

Whatever the season, though, touches of heat and cold can provide plenty of playroom thrills. In general, cold is an anti-aphrodisiac; think of how a dip in a cold mountain lake makes Mr. Happy beat a quick retreat. But like any intense sensation, cold is erotic fun for some. You don't have to go on a nude ski trip with the one you love; anyone with a refrigerator can freeze up his own sex toys. Ice cubes are easy, and a chilly stroke of ice on nipple or hot hard-on makes for frosty fun. Some folks have even experimented with ice dildos, but you don't want to damage the delicate anal lining. Still, a quick penetration with a rounded shaft of ice wrapped in a lubed rubber can provide a shivery little thrill.

On the other end of the thermometer, there's heat. Though some men enjoy very intense heat and fire scenes, it's really an area for experts. But more gentle heat can add sweaty special effects to any sex scene. Body rubs that warm the skin are widely available, and can be used in erotic massage or to warm through nipples as they're being played with. They can also be used on the most sensitive parts of the body - dick, balls, butthole. (Oddly, many these heat-up sex rubs actually warm up when you exhale on them, a hot blow job indeed.)

One bottom who was fucked by a dildo spread with Vicks VapoRub? says, "It kinda made my hole feel like it was stretched twice as far as it was, but it didn't hurt. Paradoxically, it felt, like, cold." But here's where things get tricky. The heat of these rubs can increase gradually, possibly harming the delicate membranes of the anal lining or dick before anything _feels_ wrong. And, of course, you want to keep Ben Gay and his cousins out of eyes and mouths.

For real sensation hogs, there's the thrill of contrast. A bottom whose bottom has been spanked into a red heat can be sent through the roof with a trickle of ice water dribbled onto his torrid tush. Or an eager nipple can be swiped with an ice cube before hot wax is (carefully, please) dripped from a tilted candle. This all may seem a bit kinky for someone whose idea of a good time is to get hot and sweaty in the yard before the boyfriend soaks his clothes down with the garden hose, but the principle's the same. And, frosty or hot, the fun's erotic.

So whether the weather is snowy or sunny, the mercury going up _or_ down can make your hard-on rise. Just be sure to wear a raincoat.