Foreskins. Some dicks have 'em. Some dicks don't. And given the remarkable range of specialized tastes when it comes to sex, it should be no surprise that an inch or so of flesh should excite so much passion.

"The more foreskin, the better," says one man who's no slouch in that department himself. "I love the kind with the wrinkled tip, the ones that don't fully retract even when a guy's fully hard." And why's that? "I don't know. Why does somebody find anything attractive? Once, when I was heading to Amsterdam, I made a date with a guy purely on the basis of some pictures of his equipment I'd seen online. He just had the greatest foreskin, really long. Okay, maybe I'm obsessive. But it sure was fun to play with."

Americans in particular have an unusual relationship with foreskins. For decades, routine circumcision was the rule throughout much of American society. Uncut guys were viewed as, oh, _exotic_. Or at least European. Or working class. Or Southern. Or even "natural." Now that increasing numbers of guys in the United States are uncut, the "He's got a foreskin, so he must be British" stereotype no longer holds sway. About all a foreskin indicates nowadays, at least about a younger guy, is that he's unlikely to be Jewish or Muslim. Still, to some guys, foreskin is just the tiniest bit unusual, something extra to admire and mess around with. And then there's the tender, moist skin exposed by erection, the ridge of flesh partway down many a hard shaft.

Of course, like any sexual fetish, not everyone shares a taste for prepuce. One fellow who's uncut himself prefers dicks that have been snipped. "They just seem a lot prettier to me," says he. "I think long foreskins are just ugly, and I'm glad mine isn't much."

Sometimes, foreskin-land can be unfamiliar territory. "It's taken me a while to figure out what to do with uncut shafts," says one circumcised man. "I like to stretch them, kind of rub them up against themselves. It's just so cool to slide foreskins back and forth over a hard-on. To me, sliding a long skin down and exposing the head is like unwrapping a present." And a Merry Christmas to all...

One popular bit of foreskin play is "docking," sliding a long foreskin over the head of a partner's dick. And when it comes to kink, foreskins are a nice little playground. Nasty little clothespins fit on them, and pierced foreskins have rings inserted as decoration or even chastity devices. And Then there's the natural buildup of smegma under the foreskin. Though bathed off by most, the cheesy stuff can provide a smelly treat for twisted funk fanciers. Ah, the byways of uncut desire....

Some uncut guys claim that cut guys just have less fun - at least the uncut don't need lube to jack off. However, there's some scientific evidence that, contrary to rumors, boys circumcised in infancy don't have notably decreased sensitivity or orgasmic pleasure. Even so, at least in America, the cult of the uncut still holds sway, and guys with foreskins are widely viewed as earthy studs. Things can even get so intense that some men will only (or won't ever) play with uncut guys, though that level of specialization is rare. In many other places in this wonderful world of ours, though, where circumcision is rare, an uncut cock is just another cock. Not, of course, that there's anything wrong with "just another cock," whether cut or un-.

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UNCUT nelly tops? Where? - Natassha N!