Suzanne Boudreau's Bibliography:

Wow! I am pretty happy that you actually want to know more about me. I am quite the character. I will explain myself as briefly and comprehensively as I can. Enjoy!

Born - To a military family, far from my roots, which were based on the east coast.

Grew up - I am a person of the world. I don't really consider myself as "from" anywhere in particular, or as having grown up anywhere. I lived in both rural and urban settings, lived on the west and east coast of Canada, and also Europe.

School - I took an interest in school early on, particularily science and creative writing. My interest in science led me to study flying and attend Muncton flight school directly after highschool. My creative writing has always kept me busy, and I am still writing and taking professional courses in writing today.

I began taking on leadership roles, such as editor of the yearbook, in Junior High. A few of my projects that I am most pleased with are: a sports program I led from 2001-2004, and a tutoring club that I founded and ran from 2003-2004.

I have also always had a keen interest in sports, becoming a coach at 14, and coaching sports such as soccer, basketball, ball-hockey, swimming, endurance running, and volley ball. I have coached for both recreation and competition, and nearly completed my level two in swim coaching. I also started my own running team, which I ran for one semester but had to drop due to time constraints.

I have been studying psychology at a University level for several years. My first research study was focused on Men's Body Image and Self-Esteem as it pertained to media influence. Later on, I completed extensive psychological research on Harlequin romance books. The sexual violence in these books shocked me and made me want to commit my life to ending sexual violence.

Extracurricular Activities - I have to say I definately love volunteering, and especially volunteer management of volunteers. Volunteering is so awesome! During my first year of university I volunteered an average of 30 hours a week at the SMU women's centre, and also volunteered extensively at the TESEL Centre, helping to teach international students to learn english. Since then, I have volunteered extensively for several psychology professors, Spencer House (A Senior's recreation centre), and at Dalhousie Women's Centre (who are SO amazing). Those are a few of the places I've volunteered.


How do I make a living?

Good question!

I worked for 3 years as a lifeguard, swimming instructor and swim coach. This was mainly for the Wavepool, Northcliffe, and Dalplex. That is, until my life-altering car incident where I was run over five times by an SUV. After this, I eventually found work as a research assistant. I am now mainly a student and office assistant.

In my work environments I focus on organizing data, planning meetings and events, general correspondence and secretarial work.


What do I have to do with the gay community?

Well, through the Dalhousie Women's Centre and the Sexual Safety Inclusive Coalition (a branch of the women's centre), I have worked on sexual violence against men, women, and transgendered persons. I help to spread awareness regarding sexual violence. It can happen to anyone, and members of the gay and lezbien community are especially vulnerable. This is because sexual violence can be committed in the form of gender or sexual orientation based hate crimes. Additionally, men and women who do not fall under a certain sexual orientation often have a harder time finding the appropriate assistance. Gay men and women may find it especially difficult to talk about sexual violence if they have not come out.

I hope to update this page shortly with more info. Until then, take care!