Here are some examples:

People don't actually read chat comments that are longer than three words. If you accidentally write something that has multiple syllables, you'll probably get something like this:

At that point, they've decided that you're crazy, and are looking for the nearest exit.

When dealing with AOLers in message boards, a lot of them only have a grade 3 education, and they think you posted your multiple points so they could show some liking or reciprocity.

In the above example, even if they don't agree with you, they recognize you are capable of doing their homework. This triggers survival instincts, so they'll latch on to you and your thread and post gobbledygook for the rest of the thread's life.

Whatever you do, don't demonstrate that you're from outside your chat partner's herd:

Again, at this point, they're scanning for exits.

Here's the standard greeting for human beings, with the translation in parentheses.

The conversation only continues if you say you're doing "good." Because that's code for, "Yeah, sure, show me your resume."

Pretending to be interested is way easier on the internet than in real life. People have access to all human knowledge, but they just want to sit around with their thumbs up their bums, and talk to the same dozen or so people over and over again about the same stupid shit:

In the above example, although they say "Interesting," they're actually LYING, and mean to say "God you're a dork. Fuck off and die."

So you see, although normal people persistently lie, and don't have a clear concept of the utility of the internet, when they bleat like sheep, it's actually code for acidic, exclusionary tribal behaviour that enforces homogenity, a herd mentality, and a minimum of actual directed thought.

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