pic Early 1990s: HIV/AID's outreach worker for the American Red Cross in Maine's Migrant Blueberry Camps. I handed out condoms, did needle exchanges, bleach kits, testing & counselling plus my famous AIDS Bingo. The Wabanaki double curve design denotes coming together in ceremony & that was my overall approach: do not be scared, learning about HIV/AIDS & protecting yourself is actually a ceremony. The late Patrick Walsh of the Bangor Red Cross, a straight man, took a huge risk in asking me to do this project as he could have been fired. When he hired me, I told him that I needed condoms, needles & bleach kits so I can do a proper job. This was not allowed but he managed to get these for me. We ended up winning the American Red Cross National Award for our project & it was modelled in migrant camps all over the USA.1

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1. August 7, 2018 Facebook posting by Tuma