This is an important question: Where are the lesbians/female queers in this town? Surely they exist. Aren't there any bars that are lesbian-friendly? Huh? Aren't there?

Its an interesting question. Maybe they do the in-house entertaining scene. I think the only way to have a truly lesbian bar is to have a lesbian owned one, something like a small hangout would probably do quite well if they support it.

I thought they had a place like that... except that guys went there too, and some of then would get all icky, hot and sweaty, and wanted to take off their shirts... then the operators got shocked at a perfectly normal set of expenses on what was continuing to be a profitable business, panicked, and shut the whole thing down. Oh well.

Perhaps they could have had a band-aid solution of selling Band-Aids as nipple covers, and made more money that way. :-)

Still, where the girls are remains a mystery... who knows what secrets lurk in the hearts of dykes, not even The Shadow knows.