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Thackeray's Restaurant

Thackeray's was in business in the basement of 1500 Brunswick Street approximately 1981 - 1998; the business was sold and renamed, Brandy's.

In 2012, the original owner, Don Webster, bequeathed the entire business to Wendy MacPherson? and Rick Shanks1. MacPherson? became secretary-treasurer of the business, and Shanks president.

JanetConners writes

I was there with a woman friend (when I was in my 20's). We were told that we would not be served, because they had a rule against serving two women dining alone together. I was just a dumb, uninformed young woman, and I remember being outraged that the rule was about being gay and NOT ALLOWED...although they never voiced that.... I suppose the person who wouldn't serve me, presumed I was least they didn't ask...they would have had to find another reason to toss me...


There was a picture posted yesterday, of the demolition of the Thackery's building on spring garden. Scott told a story of he and Rob MacCall? not being served, because, they were told, that Thacery's had a rule against serving 2 men dining alone.


1. ChronicleHerald, Bequeathed entire restaurant, new partners miss boss May 2, 2012