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Thackeray's Restaurant

Thackeray's was in business in the basement of 1500 Brunswick Street approximately 1981 - 1998. In the late 1980s, LGBT folk and others in Halfiax began to notice some pushback from the management - specifically, anything other than "straight couples" were refused service.

JanetConners writes

I was there with a woman friend (when I was in my 20's). We were told that we would not be served, because they had a rule against serving two women dining alone together. I was just a dumb, uninformed young woman, and I remember being outraged that the rule was about being gay and NOT ALLOWED...although they never voiced that.... I suppose the person who wouldn't serve me, presumed I was least they didn't ask...they would have had to find another reason to toss me...


There was a picture posted yesterday, of the demolition of the Thackery's building on spring garden. After winning the bronze medal at the 1988 Winter Olympics for ice dance, my good friend Rob McCall? called and wanted to go out and celebrate. We agreed that Thackeray's would be a good starting point, and then off to the clubs, not being served, because, we were told, that Thackeray's had a rule against serving 2 men dining alone.