5:00 - 8:00pm
A Queer Welcoming of Shabbat & Adar II
This workshop, facilitated by Sof Kreidstein, is about queer Jewish ritual. It is open only to Jewish participants and will be centred around queer and trans identity and ideas, and also the voices of community members. We will contemplate, discuss, expand, and create these rituals (and some objects and other tools that can be used for them). This workshop is also a celebration for Erev Shabbat and the Rosh Chodesh of Adar II. On this sacred twilight, we can honour the thresholds we’ve crossed, transitions we’ve made, and intersections we embody. This is a ceremony for connection above all.
At RadStorm, 2177 Gottingen Street, Halifax
For more information and registration, check out the registration form


5 - 7+pm
FirstFridayFae Gay Mens Happy Hour
The Local - 2037 Göttingen Street, Halifax
1) please, refrain from wearing scented products in respect for those with such sensitivities.
2) If you know others that would like to join us, invite them.
3) fff was created as an event for gay men only, and remains as such. This is our once-per-month delight in getting together with our gay brothers. Just as we respect women-only spaces, please respect ours.
7 to 8:30 p.m.
Dawn, Her Dad and the Tractor at Cineplex Park Lane
Film screening: Set on a Nova Scotia dairy farm, John Andrew has just lost his wife Miranda to cancer. When a young woman with a startling resemblance to Miranda appears on his porch, an odyssey towards understanding begins. John Andrew’s estranged son Donald is now Dawn, and she’s come home to mourn her mother and keep her promise to repair her relationship with her Dad. Restoring the tractor her mother learned to drive on becomes a focus for the mechanically minded Dawn. John Andrew begins to realize that if he’s to reclaim this relationship, he has to come out with Dawn, and what better setting than the community tractor trials — an event Miranda created as a tireless village volunteer — where he proudly cheers for his daughter Dawn, as she enters the arena at the wheel of the lovingly restored tractor.
Tickets available at Cineplex