7 PM - 9 PM
A women-only, M to F Transgender support group
M to F transgendered women, 25 years old and up welcome.
Stephanie writes: I am an M To F transgender 68 years old and I started going through my transition about 2 years ago. Going through this great change has raised a lot of questions which friends have helped me with: but, something is missing. Finally, I think I have an answer. Which is I am starting a M to F transgender support group. The group is to be able to give each other answers from our experience. Such as how to do makeup to what it is like to have bottom surgery. It is open to all M to F transgenders of ages 25 and up from just starting out to females totally transitioned if that is possible as there is so much to learn.
The hope is for the beginning, to have a meeting in my condo common room but, eventually to go out for dinner etc.
Where: 15 Langbrae Dr. condo Common Room, Halifax, NS.
DRESS: What's comfortable for you
For more info, contact Stephanie on Facebook or by email.