2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Halloween Hangover
This year Halloween gets a little extension into November, join us for a chill afternoon for some boardgames, and good company at the IKEA Community Space.
This is a FREE 18+ queer and neurodivergent event, feel free to buy drinks, food, and snacks at IKEA, and remember that members can get a free coffee (with refills). Heck there might even be a few prizes. This event isn't 18+ for content, but for responisbily and comfort of those attending! Adults need a space to make friends too.
About the Board Games: a variety of spooky halloween themed games that vary in difficulty. Don't worry: Someone will teach you how to play!
This is meant to be a welcoming enviroment in which folks are open to make new connections, while also feeling safe and understood. If you're feeling awkward, have any uncomfortable moments, or in general have some anxiety, contact the organizers and they'll help you out.
RSVP on Facebook.
Location: Community space (back of second-floor food court), IKEA, 645 Cutler Avenue