As of 2005 or so, Atlantic Transgender is defunct.

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Atlantic Transgender

A support/resource group for Transsexuals and their significant others/supporters.

Atlantic TransGender (ATG) was founded in 1995 by JennNearing? after returning to Halifax in 1994. The group was founded as Jenn's reaction to the lack of any organized Trans community locally at the time. As an IT professional she used the small but rapidly emerging Internet as a tool to bring together a very small and isolated community. The group not only provided a means to deal with that isolation & means of anonymous communication, a venue for peer support, and real life social functions.

In 2001, the crossdressers in ATG split off to form their own group called GenderExpressionsAtlantic. While the splintering of an already small group was unfortunate it was relatively common in the trans world. In the case of ATG the needs of the primarily straight, white Crossdresser group were not compatible with the mostly Queer Trans women of ATG.

Since the split in 2001, ATG functioned as a Transexual support group. The group was primarily used as a resource and peer support group. With the her transition in 2000 and focus on other activist / educational activities she allowed ATG to become defunct.


ATG founded in 1995 by JenniferLynn?
Crossdressers leave ATG to form separate group