picBreaking Free Into The Light, 1994

Rev. Dr. Victor Bruce Holker Pellegrin

B. September 2, 19371

Rev. Dr. Victor Bruce Holker Pellegrin, PhD, has been painting since the age of six when he lived in British Columbia. Bruce was inspired by the interpretations of colour and light by artists in the Group of Seven, Emily Carr in later years, and the Canadian Naturalists.

Himself a minister in the Anglican church, Bruce’s art is an expression of the sacredness of life and the presence of spirituality in everyday surroundings. Though the vast body of his work has focused on Canadian landscapes, often in the Maritimes, Bruce has done considerable work in iconography and historically themed works. Bruce’s art can be seen in the Atlantic School of Theology, St. Croix and Saint James Churches in Hants County, Christ Church in Dartmouth, and St. John’s Anglican Church and the Cathedral Church of All Saints, in Halifax.

His art website, should be available in The Internet Archives.

Breaking Free Into The Light

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1. December, 2015 Northwood magazine says he's 78, Ross confirms the date