Café Quelque Chose

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Café Quelque Chose was the first gay owned and operated restaurant in Halifax. This little café had 14 tables, banquettes and antique chairs, dark burgundy walls, dark green floor, white table linens, local photography on the walls and an open kitchen. It was located at 1546 Hollis Street and was open noon to 11:30 Monday to Saturday from 1979-1986. The menu changed daily and was written on the chalk board as was the daily special. With advanced notice, customers could also come in for a specialized menu prepared specifically for them.

Quelque Chose had a large loyal clientele that included many local artists, dancers, and actors as well as many gay flight attendants based in Halifax. Everything was made fresh on site including fresh rolls, desserts and main courses. It was known for its excellent coffee including espresso, cappuccino and cafe au lait, homemade iced tea and iced coffee in the summer, and a large variety of teas.

Although due to antiquated Nova Scotia liquor laws, Quelque was unlicensed, discreet customers often brought their own wine to enjoy with dinner or dessert. The menu, which changed daily, included quiches, soups, salads, pates and dinner specials as well as a huge variety of desserts such as layer cakes, chiffons, pies, cheese cakes, chocolate and fruit mousses, creme brûlée, creme caramel, pot de creme, and ice creams, all made in house with the freshest ingredients possible. We prided ourselves on being able to provide excellent healthy food and beverages at the lowest cost possible and did not serve anything deep fried. We also did not serve any soda pop opting instead for juices and water.

Recommended in En Route magazine as one of Canada’s top 100 restaurants three years running and annually in Where to Eat In Canada, Quelque Chose became a very successful business.

The business was initially opened by Peter Mushkat, then purchased by JohnHurlbert and, for a short time Michael Schneiderman who then sold his interest to TimCross? in 1981.

Dining area Kitchen: PatrickMurphy waiting to serve, Tim & John, Barry Heath

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