Do we really need the NSRAP organization? Do you feel it has to exist, and why?

I don't think you can go very far without a lot of different, noncompeting GayPrideOrganizations?. If they try to avoid competing, while each having a slightly different GroupConsensus?, then people have a wider selection of organizations to which they can be a member.

Meanwhile, ResourceAllocation? becomes easier, because while you have things spread more thinly, it is not impossible to have StrategicPartnerships? that benefit all.

The idea behind NSRAP is not to replace all of the existing organizations. The idea was for NSRAP to consist of members who likely have an interest in one or more established groups.

NSRAP could then act as a conduit for information to flow. In addition, NSRAP would further its own interests by continuing to promote legislative change and promotion of tolerance.

This all sounds good to me but my observation so far is that those who have shown interest so far may already be over committed with other efforts.

Just my thoughts at the moment