Tammy writes: The Dresden Arms was one of the cheapest hotels in the area, and since it was situated on the Triangle (cruising/hustling capital of the city) it was a convenient favourite of gay hustlers and tricks alike. There was a huge cauldron hanging outside - a big black pot, beckoning the weary traveller. Security guards made sure that nobody actually hustled directly outside the doors - but, across the street, it was fair game, and regulars who hustled the area would make sure to taunt and tease them with catcalls from their vantage point. Because of it's location, it became known as the 'gay hotel' of the city, unbeknownst to most tourists. (The Canadian band Glass Tiger stayed there in 1986!) It was revamped in the early nineties to become part of what is now known as City Centre Atlantic, directly across from furniture and accessory store Project 9.