There is a new and innovative Halifax web page on line. [formerly] is a place for information, opinions and entertainment.

This web system takes a little getting used to - anyone can edit any page, and it's very usual to embed links in the middle of descriptions.

You can also create new pages very easily. No HTML or special editing knowledge is necessary. The full instructions are on line on the page itself, of course.

There are lots of small articles on line about gay life in Halifax. Just log in and browse around, follow links or visit the RecentChanges page to see what is new on the system.

If you have something to add or disagree with something on a page, edit it and add your comments. It's totally anarchic and anonymous, it doesn't record who edits which page.

You probably think that the system gets vandalized regularly. It doesn't, and on the rare occasions when it does, there's a system of backups that the caretakers use to detect and repair damage with a minimum of work.

"I set the page up in about ten minutes, and wanted to make it as current as possible," said Mike Godfrey, host and occasional editor of the web site. "The site is as current as its viewers want, and has whatever content they like, because they're the ones writing it."