IDQF Rules

New rules as of August 2004 - interesting! No criticism or discussion of how the list is run allowed. Anyone criticizing anything about the moderator or his/her policy will be suspended.

I think that someone should set up FREE International Drag Queens And Friends.

November 2004: someone has: check out

Rules For InternationalDragQueensAndFriends

This is not an adult group so we have rules that are strictly enforced.

1(A). No pornograhic pictures, links, or other material on your Yahoo ID or posted to the group. Pictures posted in the 'photo' section that are not appropiate will be removed and the re-posting of such pictures by the same offender will be cause for banning. No posting of ad type emails looking for a date are permitted we are not here for that.

1(B) If you come here for any other purpose other than to bitch and complain about another individual no matter who they may be do not bother go elsewhere that is not the purpose and reason of this group. Owner and or Moderators reserves the right to end discussion on any given issue or topic not related to the purpose of the group stated on the main page. This included denial of e-mails and removal of all posting privlages.

1(C) Members who post links to their web in our link section are requested to post a link to this group on their web page. Otherwise You link could be removed without notice.

2. Your Yahoo! ID must NOT be an adult rated ID, and by this we mean it may not have any adult related links or pictures. Your Yahoo ID should and must be completed. If your Yahoo ID say "adult profile" you will not be allowed to join to keep in line with yahoo rules an guidelines as we are not an adult group.

3(A). Personal information about another person or member, threats, stories or gossip that someone attempts to post to the group will be cause for banning, there will be no deviation from this rule. (Personal information does include e-mail address and phone numbers that are shared without prior consent in writting.)

3(B)Members will not be allowed to post information about an embarassing situation, event, personal information and or action with, or directed against another member of this group, or a group we may have become associated .

3(C).Any and all E-Mail's that are posted in to this group pervious, present and future postings are not allowed to be posted on another site without the permission of the group owner and the person who posted the original e-mail. If one does they will be removed and banned from the group and or privilages to post suspended. Thusly Any info posted on this site and to this group is herby expressly claimed privilage (C) by the group and not to be posted elsewhere without permission.

3(D).Members will not be allowed to post the real name of an individual or refer to the real name of a person who is or is not a member of this group either directly or indirectly unless the group owner has verified the information, and received authorization from that person otherwise. Or unless they are that person.

3(E).Members may send an e-mail in advance for pre-approval to a group moderator and or owner before submitting it for posting.

3(F).This group is to hold the higest respect for the rights and privalges for the Imperial Court System and it's members. If the person does not show the same in their posting the person will be either suspended from posting or band by the group.

4(A).We do not allow one to sell through message in postings a fee for service other than yahoo advertisements. Further to this promotion of a particular drug to our members is not allowed either. In Canada it is against the law to advertise directly to consummers about drug products in any form other than your regular over the counter medication that does not have to be presribed.

4(B).Members are not to e-mail another member off list without asking for or being told to on-list through a group posting. This rule does not come into play if you know the person otherwise outside of the group.

5(A).Postings to the group can and will be edited by the owner and or moderator's who also may rejected by the same. Postings will also be rejected or cause for suspension of posting privilages and or banning if large than normal font is submitted for postings. Larger font messages increase the size of e-mails and thus for those who belong to this group and other groups bouncing of their e-mail accounts.

5 (B).The group owner and moderator's will not allow messages to be posted that are crtical of this group and the moderators or any other group or organization and site that this group may become or is associated with either directly or indirectly.

5 (C).Members who violate any of the rules may have their right to post messages and up-load files can be suspended and or banned with or without notice up to seven days maybe longer.

BOUNCING If group messages sent to your email address are returned to Yahoo! Groups as undeliverable ("bouncing"), your Yahoo! Groups account may be temporarily disabled.

Messages can be returned for several reasons: 1. Your mailbox may be full -- try deleting messages from your Inbox. 2. Your ISP may have a backlog of email to process -- contact your ISP. 3. Your ISP may be blocking email from Yahoo! Groups -- contact your ISP.

In many cases, Yahoo! Groups can automatically reactivate your account once the delivery problem is solved. However, in some cases you will need to manually reactivate your account: 1. Visit your My Groups page. 2. Look for a bounce alert near the top of the page. 3. Click the Alert link to reactivate your account.

EVENT POSTING If you have an event coming up in your area that you may want other girls to either partcipate in or attend, be sure to post it in the 'calendar' section and it will automatically be sent to everyone in the list. We are here for each other and to promote our fundraising and entertainment efforts in the gay community. For legal purposes and to comply with yahoo regulations the following must take place:

All posted events must state the minimum age of attendees where the event is taking place. If the event is licensed (alcohol available), the posting must include: "Attendees must be [insert minimum age required] or older and have valid identification."

For help using the calendar feature, visit

PHOTOS Only 6 photos per person within all groups in total are allowed due to space restrictions we only allow 1 (One) photo in the main group of which shall not be bigger than 25KB the posting of each photo in the main group will be done through the moderators and or owner members will have to submit their photo 25KB in size to: members otherwise will not be able to directly post photos in the main group.

The only exception to the main groups is that pic's in memory will be allowed to be posted with size limitations in the appropriate folder. Photo of events posted in group two and three which will be allowed for 10 days after posting there will be no limit on the amounts, then lowered to the group requirements after 10 days. Members posting events photos must inform the main group of the same allowing them to view and comment.

No more than two (2) pics in group #2 un-like in the main group the pics can be posted by the members yet still cannot be bigger than 25KB in group number #2. In group #3 members will be allowed to post 3 photos themself the photos again must be 25KB. If the requirements for the 25KB size and amount of two pics per group are avoided you will have them deleted without warning.

We want as many of you as possible to post a picture but our space is limited. Please request permission to use pictures posted in the groups that are not yours in any of the groups by emailing the picture owner directly or the group owner if the picture owner contact is not known. For help on posting pictures to the album, visit

CONTACT Hope you're enjoying the group! Feel free to email the group owner, Amanda-Lynn Harding Turner with any questions or concerns at