pic NetworQ Nova Scotia is a new LGBTQ2+ networking group cofounded by Sophie Eld, Consultant with Common Good Solutions, and Merlin Watt, Vice President of Gold Recruitment Services.

Founded in September, 2019, the first event took place October 17, 2019 and the objective is to host free monthly networking socials for the LGBTQ2+ community to connect and collaborate in business, careers, creative or academic endeavours.

“As an independent recruiter, “ Merlin explains, “conversations with LGBTQ2+ community members have highlighted that it can be challenging to connect locally and bridge our professional interests and personal experience, particularly among racialised community members and newcomers to the province.” Sophie highlights, “We recognise the diversity that exists in Nova Scotian businesses and are excited to provide this opportunity for professionals in the community to connect and collaborate for the benefit of all.” The primary objective and ambition is for NetworQ to offer a regular space for the community to network socially, share ideas, inspiration, talents and services and find opportunities to better collaborate in support of each other in any number of ways.

The group was very consciously named “NetworQ Nova Scotia” so that if interest arises in Nova Scotia communities outside Halifax, similar get-togethers could be affiliated to help connect our urban and rural LGBTQ2+ communities in a positive way. NetworQ invites those enquiries with enthusiasm.

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