Peanut Butter And Jam Sandwich ( Thru My Eyes )

By RegGiles


1PRERAMBLE / Circa 2000 / The Club (The Turret) Circa June 1977
2The Bitch Slap / Mikey / The Alternate Bookstore
3Robert Ertel / My New Position / Name That Tune!
4Disco Disco / Opposing Lineups / John Marr (Mother Marr) / Pop Goes The Drag Queen
4ABig Bad John / The Soccer Match
5Set The Stage, The Performers / Tommy Miller (Sugar) / Tim Hare (Jenny Blake) / EmeraldGibson and Sister [[EttaGibson|Etta] / JoAnne Bond / Bob (Rachael) And Earl
6Christmas In July /A Round Of Applause Please! / Who Are We / Silence Of The Lambs / Breakfast At Zellers
7Disco Inferno / Tambourine ( Shake Shake Shake )
7AKind of a Drag / You Better Think / The Original Aretha / Brown Shoe Boogie
8Sparrow and Father Mike MacDonald
8AWomen Who Like Gay Men / Do The Hustle
9Partner Beating / The Heidelberg / Pre Coming.....OUT
10Someone Wants To Hear About Sex (The Competition)
11Passion / I Went For A Walk Last Night
12Can You Feel The NRG ?
12ACode Of Silence
13I Have Such A Headache !!
13AThe Man In The leather Mask / Tattoo U
14The Turret Womyn / The Inspector / Join The Club
15Whoever Said Love Was Easy
16My Friend Wayne / Along Came "T" / Sands Of Time (Lament)
17The Party The Night Before And The Picnic
Cow Bay Picnic Pictures
18The Good Dr. Bob / I'm Going Home
18ADid You Know Him ? / Do you remember the day when?
19The Politicos Of It All / Robin Metcalfe / Decision Time
20To Tell Or Not To Tell
21The Art Of The Cruise / Old Man...Take A Look At My Life / Disco Lives On
22Always Remember
23RUMOURS CLUB (Granville Street)(A New Beginning ?)
24RUMOURS CLUB (Granville Street)(On With The Construction) / Another Competition / Mystery Theatre
24ADrag-ging My Baby Back Home
25Another New Manager
25AFred And Reg
26Time is Passing
27Slow Train To Toronto
Acknowledgements / Manna For Health
Friends I Have Met Along The Way
Trent-Reg & Mickey
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Comments From Readers ( Email )
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After Thoughts (Answers to questions people have asked )

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