pic Are there things you want to talk to a health care professional about, but don’t want to go to your doctor or wait for an appointment with the Clinic? prideHealth is here for you!

prideHealth has a community who is available to meet you at ACNS or another agreed upon space to discuss your health questions and concerns. There are a number of health services she can provide to you as well including…

prideHealth is a Capital Health and IWK Health Centre sponsored program that aims to improve safe access to health care by offering primary health care services for the GLBTI community. We offer outreach health care services which are free of homophobia/transphobia and heterosexism, including anonymous HIV testing.

prideHealth improves the coordination of already existing services within Capital Health and the IWK by educating and raising awareness of health professionals in the community.

For more information please contact Anita Keeping,].

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