Why have safer sex?

You can't tell who's got HIV the virus that can lead to AIDS. Anyone can have HIV: young or old, hunky or skinny, black or white, 'on the scene' or 'off the scene'. There are men with HIV in Bermuda who look and feel completely well. You have no way of knowing who of your sexual partners may have HIV infection. So, the answer is NOT in simply choosing your sexual partners carefully, but to stick to safer sex with everyone!

It doesn't matter if either of you has HIV. Safer sex will protect you both. In the past, when we knew less than we know now, our advice used to be extra cautious. But, in fact, all we need to remember is this:

Basically...... HIV can only be transmitted between men through blood and cum. Fortunately, it can't get through ordinary, healthy, undamaged skin. You may be worried about other body fluids - like spit or pee - but HIV is only ever found in these in very small amounts which aren't enough to be infectious. Studies of many thousands of people have shown that no-one has ever been infected through kissing. So the important thing is HIV is only transmitted when blood or cum goes from one body to another. Bearing this in mind safer sex is quite straight forward.


The main risk of transmitting HIV is through fucking or being fucked. This is because the virus can easily get into your body through the sensitive lining of your ass or your dick. You can really cut down on the risk in fucking by using condoms as long as they're good quality and used properly. Remember:

Although condom manufacturers still don't make condoms specifically for anal use it's safest if you choose a thicker or stronger condom for anal sex. You can make sure that the condoms aren't old stock by checking the 'sell by' date and store them away from hot or damp places. You can buy plenty at a time - or get them free from The Allan Vincent Smith Foundation - to avoid running out at an inconvenient moment.

Many men find they can get the same sort of pleasure by using sex toys, like dildos or butt plugs, up the bum. There's no risk of transmitting HIV with these unless you share your toys that go inside you.

Sharing needles or blades

Anything that can pierce the skin can transmit HIV by transferring blood from one person to another. So never share anything that can pierce the skin such as:


No-one can be absolutely sure that virus in cum or pre-cum can't get through the linings of the mouth or throat. A small number of people think they have been infected through sucking. However when the sexual behaviour of thousands of gay men has been studied over a number of years sucking hasn't shown up as a risk. So if there's a risk it's very small. But the risk may be higher if your mouth is sore or bleeding. You might choose to use condoms and avoid getting any cum or pre-cum in your mouth. Some men get just as turned on by nuzzling and licking the cock and balls without taking them in the mouth.


Eating ass is safe unless there is any blood in or around the ass. However there are some risks to your health from rimming from other types of infection e.g.: hepatitis, salmonella, and some parasites. If you have HIV, these can be very serious. Remember that you can get vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

Everything else...

You can still do almost everything that turns you on safely.

The only precautions you need to take are common sense ones: avoid cutting the skin and, if you do, avoid getting blood or cum into the wound. And don't share sex toys that go into the body.

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