There is a search function at the top and bottom of every page.

You can use "and" and "or" to combine searches. Therefore you can search for "apples", "oranges", "apples and oranges", and "apples or oranges". Search is always case-insensitive.

Note that "or" binds stronger than "and". Thus "fruit or vegetable and bread or milk" is equivalent to ((fruit or vegetables) and (bread or milk)). Note, however, that you cannot combine brackets with the "and" and "or" operators.

The reason is this: The search box also allows Perl regular expressions [1]. Brackets have special meaning in Perl regular expressions. The following characters also have a special meaning and need to be escaped using a backslash, if you want to search for them:

    . * + ? | ( ) [ ] \ ^ $

If you want to search for "x^2", for example, type the following into the search box: "x\^2". A quick test: How do you search for "x\^2", then? Try it and find out.