Shayla Shenanigans

Since 1999, Shayla has entertained in nightclubs, theatres and festival stages with precise impersonations, impeccable comedic timing or the sheer brilliance in her performances. She is a writer, producer, host and comedian who cares! She prides herself on giving back to her community! From helping to run a charity organization to keeping the doors open on a food bank, she will fill your heart with the nourishment you deserve! Together with her vast knowledge of drag she has brought together some of the best drag entertainment our province has to offer. Come out to one of the shows and see why she is considered one of the greats!1

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picOctober 2021, photo by Jillian Gillis

StevenPoole? has been doing drag since 1999 and has produced, hosted and performed over a thousand shows, raising money for local charities, sponsoring families at Christmas, delivering necessities to those needing assistance during the pandemic and mentoring 11 “drag kids.”

At Pride 2021, Shayla hosted a drag queen story hour, an all-ages drag show and an adult evening performance. In his interview with Jillian Gillis, he talks about his experience with sight loss; he has no vision in his left eye and is partially sighted in his right. His vision does impact how Steven applies his makeup and manages his performances, but he’s come up with some adaptations that work well for him.2

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