South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre

A resource library, hang-out space, and home-base for woman-positive and anti-oppression organizing.

In May, 2013, the Dal Women's Centre became South House

"The Dalhousie Women's Centre has been going through a process of re-branding since the Fall. We have a new name, a new mandate, new website, new contact information, and even some new staff and board members- phew!

Contact Information

Before May 2013

The Dalhousie Women's Centre exists in recognition of women's common and diverse needs. We at the Centre know that you cannot work for a society free of sexism and patriarchy without also working for a society free of all forms of oppression. We are here to support women and, by extension, all people dealing with oppression. We believe in working together for the creation of a society that is vibrant, life-giving, and safe for people of all genders.

The Dalhousie Women's Centre is located at 6286 South St., directly beside the DalPlex driveway and in a white house. The space contains two meeting rooms, which can be booked for free by woman-positive groups by calling 494.2432. Our space is open to people of all genders. The Centre is a trans- and queer-positive space.

The DWC is a semi-accessible space. We are happy to work with people with different/disAbilities to make our programs accessible to them. For larger-print copies of our calendar or publicity materials, please contact us. We will endeavor to provide child care for our events if given advance notice. The DWC is a trans- and queer-positive space and an anti-oppressive space. Program attendees will be asked to leave their stereotypes and "baggage" at the door.

During times when we don't have scheduled programs, the DWC will share its meeting space with other social justice/anti-oppression community groups. Contact us for details on booking the space.

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