picVancouver BC,

Her Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Empress 32 1/2 Vancouver, Washington

Imperial Crown Princess IV of IsCans

October 2004: Starr69 has moved away

Lady Schapeau writes, miss u Aunty Starr

AmberWayves writes: Miss you to Auntie Starr, HAHAHA. I hope you and your boyfriend are doing well. I hope to chat with you on MSN. Take Care in BC. Much Love, Your Favorite Neice Amber Wayves.

One of the most wonderful people i have ever known, dont worry hun. meesha is in good hands. now if i could only get her off the roof.... love rouge

picICP IV Halifax, 2004

Hi Star jsut saying hello and have a wonderful NEW YEAR from GINA GIBB & CHERIE LAMOURE

Howdy People .. I will be back in Hfx Sept 1 st for afew day

seeya then