A Short walk into my Life in 2013

This is who I am, I was married had 2 beautiful children, before I was 20 years old. Divorced short time later. I was in my second straight relationship, him and I stayed together until I was 38, we are the best of friends. I always had this incomplete feeling of myself. I found myself being attractive to the same sex. I dated and educated myself in the GLBT community. Met my first girlfriend, first relationship, first time being intimate with a women, I was 39. Together for a few years, we decided to have a baby, that's my amazing Braiden :) (she is the birth parent) The birth Father is Joe, and I am the Mom. His Birth parent has moved out over 2 years ago, So his father and I have decided to co -parent Braiden. We also share a investment, the house.

Our Daily Routine: I work Dayshifts, I pick Braiden up after my work. Joe works evening and send him to school in the mornings. As most of you already know Braiden is Autistic, this situation is set up for the best interest of Braiden. And it works, he is one very happy little boy!

My social life, is limited, but I think anyone who works fulltime, own a house and has financial obligations, would be in the same situation. I think I can have a relationship, and look after my son, and live in my home. Any relationship can work, if you want it bad enough, Don't you agree?

Honestly is so important, so I decide to share a little bit about ME! This is who I am. I hide behind nothing. I love woman, I want to live a happy, loving and fun life. I want to meet new friends, I want to reconnect in social events, and enjoy the company of other lesbian woman.

My straight friends need to get with the program, and join the proper Team, bahahaha, Have a wonderful evenings Hugs sue xx