Terry Despres


Movie ... Siege 1983-Canada-Gay & Lesbian Films

Starring: Tom Nardini, Brenda Bazinet, Doug Lennox, Daryl Haney, Terry Despres Directed by: Paul Donovan, Maura O'Connell

PLOT DESCRIPTION The Siege gets under way with an attack on a Canadian gay bar by a neo-fascist group called "The New Order." One of the patrons escapes, and the New Order goes after him, killing everyone who gets in their way. When the right-wing thugs come back to the bar and try to take over the building, the patrons form a united front and a bloody battle ensues. And where are the cops during all this? They're on strike, and considering the violence infecting this remote Nova Scotia community, one can hardly blame the police for their "blue flu". As far as head-basher films go, Siege is pretty good, with a particular tense climax. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Taken From The New York Times without permission