Having sex with someone under the age of consent constitutes Statutory Rape.


Consent not a Defence

"under the age of fourteen years, it is not a defence that the complainant consented to the activity."

"...unless the Accused:

(a) is twelve years of age or more but under the age of sixteen years;
(b) is less than two years older than the complainant; and
(c) is neither in a position of trust or authority towards the complainant nor is a person with whom the complainant is in a relationship of dependency."

Anal Sex Gets Different Rules

"Section 159: Anal Intercourse
The current section 159 of the Criminal Code criminalizes anal intercourse, but contains an exemption if anal intercourse is engaged in by a husband and wife, or by two consenting adults aged 18 or over. If more than two persons are present, a crime is committed, even if the activity takes place in a private dwelling and among consenting adults."

<Wil_01> <Wil_01> it is 12 if u r within a cpl yrs of the person <Wil_01> if ur 14 u can fuck a 12 y/o <Wil_01> read the federal law

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