Daniel MacKay


I was born in 1963 at the very southernmost tip of Nova Scotia, moved halfway to Halifax, to Bridgewater, at age 10, and in 1981 the rest of the way go to King's College. About a year later, as a result of several happy and salacious accidents, I met NorvalCollins and got dunked into local gay culture including helping build the interior of Rumours on Granville Street in 1983. In the late 1980s I took over publishing what had formerly been the house organ of GAE, the GAEZETTE, which we the collective renamed to WayvesMagazine. The two papers together had a 25 year run as a paper magazine, and it is now more or less still alive and online.

For a decade starting in 1989, I was on the team that built the Internet in Canada, and then a computer networking and databases consultant for another, then solar energy and heat pumps. I'm now partly retired and have made the LGBT+ history and archives work my main pastime, which fits in well with publishing Wayves. Starting in 2000, I started working on the Halifax Rainbow Encyclopedia. Since the mid-80s I've been on the board of Solar Nova Scotia, the low-carbon advocacy and education organization and am also on the board of the ElderBerries. Somewhere In between I was on the board of Halifax Pride for a decade and was chair for three years.

I'm friend-of but not a card carrying member of (all of these are defunkt - maybe there's a message here) BluenoseBears, GaeGala, GayLine, MacLeather, and SafeHarbourChurch, OverThirtiesGroup... joined TightRope with Norval & MikeTeal on November 24, 2001. Currently on the board of the ElderBerries and working on the RainbowSeniorsArchive.

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picHonourary Parade Marshall 2008

Recipient of Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project's first Community Hero Award.
Xtra! Article here, : Here's DeniseHolliday interviewing KevinKindred about it
Pic from the event with me and Parker Barss Donham
October 7, 2009
On Page 3 of FrankMagazine. No notes about what the article was about, just a comment, "Sorry, no dirt there."
October 7, 2011
Interview with The ChronicleHerald's PeterDuffy?, "Trying to understand the gay world"
Halifax Pride Parade Honourary Marshall.
Here is DeniseHolliday interviewing KevinKindred about Dan receiving the very first PrideCelebrations Community Hero Award in 2008 Denise also talks about the Halifax Rainbow Encyclopedia.
Provincial Queer Archivist with the RainbowSeniorsArchive
Elders Coordinator with HalifaxPride
August 6, 2021: Dan's house on the front page of the real estate section of the Globe and Mail
August 25, 2021 : Another biiiiig article about me by Brandon Young in the Saltwire community papers: The Clayton Park Wire, The Halifax Wire, The South Shore Breaker, and The Southwest Wire. the article is here. There are a few errors: My dad was really the handyman for the lesbian publishers; Aunt Mimi should Aunt Maymie ("Maymie & Tessa"); should be “first attended New Germany Rural High School, then Parkview Education Centre"; and: I did not study journalism at Kings.

The recordings here are in the OralHistoryCategory.