by: Davene Jeffrey, excerpted from the Halifax Herald Kidnapping mystery deepens January 17, 2002

A young Halifax woman formerly believed to have been embroiled in a lesbian Fatal Attraction once confessed to police that she wanted to kill the object of her unrequited love, court documents show.

Now free after officers uncovered new information about the case on Monday night, Celina Marie Eltvik once admitted to friends and family that she had stalked, threatened and thought of hurting her childhood best friend MelodyDawnGrandy?, Crown documents filed in Nova Scotia Supreme Court reveal.

Ms. Eltvik even confessed to police she was involved in a kidnapping that began in Halifax in late September 2000. The two were en route to Maine when police arrested them in St. George, N.B., the documents say.

"In a videotaped statement, Ms. Eltvik indicates her intention was to kill Ms. Grandy when they got to Maine," reads the document, which summarizes the Crown's case.

Ms. Eltvik spent the past 16 months in jail while awaiting trial on charges of sexual assault with a weapon, stalking, uttering threats and kidnapping.

It now appears that the grounds for all those charges may have been made up by the 22-year-old friends.

On Tuesday, the Crown dropped all charges against Ms. Eltvik and she was set free after a brief court appearance.

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