As Dr. Nick says, "Hi, everybody!"

i'm dr_pecker, and am fairly new to #gayhalifax. i only found the channel a few weeks ago...EFNet...who knew? lots of cool guys, apparently...

ok...for those select few who might be interested, here's a little about me: i'm 22, 6'0, have short blond hair and greeny-blue eyes (a pic would work nice here, wouldn't it?). i'm always up for a good chat, and seem to be one of the most talkative people in the channel, 'cept i'm hardly ever there...

what else? i'm graduating from university in may and...oh! i'm from cape breton...forgot to mention that.

if there's anything else you want to know, e-mail me, and i'll get back to you. dr_pecker22@hotmail.com

what GayHoroscope am i? i'm a Pisces! there goes *that* pick-up line...

i plan on rewriting this once i get off the crack and get some sleep...but until then, this'll have to do.

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