2004 AtlanticFilmFestival

Here are the queer films that are the "Spotlight on Gay and Lesbian Film" series of the 2004 Atlantic Film Festival, September 17, 2004 to the 25.

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Cowboys & Angels

Wednesday, Sept. 22, 9:35 PM, Park Lane 6 Directed by David Gleeson Shane is stuck behind a desk in the Irish civil service, his drawing talents wasted. Vincent is a fashion student at Limerick College with a flare for flares and an eye for design. Vincent's artistry inspires Shane, as does his beautiful female friend Gemma, an art school drop-out now working in fast foods. Vincent sees a potential muse and model for his upcoming show. But before the curtain falls, Shane is dealt a tricky card and forced to make some serious life decisions.


Bulgarian Lovers

Thursday, Sept. 23, 7:15 PM, Park Lane 6 Directed by Eloy de la lglesia Daniel, a respected lawyer and friend to all, meets and takes a young hunky lover from Bulgaria, Kyril. Daniel's life is flipped top to bottom over and over again as Kyril, a reckless, dangerous and married Bulgarian, pulls this once predictable gentleman deeper into his nefarious activities. An official selection at last year's Berlin International Film Festival.


Eating Out

Friday, Sept. 24, 9:35 PM, Park Lane 6 Directed by Q. Allan Brocka What happens when a straight guy pretends he's gay to get a date with a sexy "fag hag" at the suggestion of his gay roommate who is in love with said "fag hag's" gay best friend? You get more possible outcomes than a round of Clue and more sexual tension than an entire season of Three's Company. It's got more laughs and innuendo than a visit from Mrs. Roper.


Make a Wish

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 7:15 PM, Park Lane 6 Directed by Sharon Ferranti Does the idea of camping out with your ex and all her exes make you want to scream? It's time for the first and possibly last great lesbian camp out. Susan, a well travelled lesbian, has invited a group of her former lovers on a camping trip. All the past mistakes are present and accounted for: the bisexual hussy, the witch and the naturalist. Director Sharon Ferranti draws from classics such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, perfectly combining horror with lesbian humour.


Gypsy 83

Monday, Sept. 20, 9:35 PM, Park Lane 6 Directed by Todd Stephens When two outcasts, Gypsy and Clive, in small-town Ohio, learn of the annual "Night of 1,000 Stevies" in New York City, their deepest dreams come to the surface. Wrapped in shawls and sequins like her idol Stevie Nicks, Gypsy (played by Less than Perfect's Sara Rue) shines in her leather and lace. Losing themselves in Gothic fantasies in cemeteries and decorated rec rooms, Gypsy and Clive soothe their daily abuse from a town that disapproves of freaks with retro '80s tunes.