1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Magic Heat Bag Making with QueerCreativesSpace
This Sunday from 1-3pm, Queer Creatives Space will be hosting a mini workshop on how to make microwavable magic heating bags. This may be nostalgic for some, a novelty for others, or just a cute and relatively affordable way to stay warm during the colder months. Either way, we hope folks will enjoy this seasonally appropriate craft.
To make these heating bags, rice will be used as a heads up (incase that’s an allergy for folks.) We will also be hand sewing the bags as opposed to using sewing machines, but Robin can assist anyone who struggles with fine motor skills.
This session will take place out of Wonder’neath’s Project Room at 2482 Maynard St Kjipuktuk/Halifax. Access notes for the space are in @queercreativesspace bio.
Per usual for Queer Creatives Space sessions, materials for the project will be provided for free. Folks are more than welcome to bring personal projects, so long as they aren’t space and/or sensory intensive.
Masks are required to attend, but masks can be provided on site. If you have symptoms of a contagious illness (ex the flu, a cold or Covid) or test positive for Covid, do not attend this session, there will be others.
Queer Creatives Space programming is intended for folks existing under the trans +/or queer umbrella. Questioning people are more than welcome as well as folks that are often read as straight +/or cis that aren’t.
Queer Creatives Space sessions are all ages and drop in friendly. This arts programming is also free thanks to the help of Arts NS.
To go snacks will also be provided at the end of this session for folks to take with them.
Please reach out to Robin if you have any questions via email at wolfepress@gmail.com