Queer Creatives Space

pic QCS stands for Queer Creatives Space, and is a grant project funded by Arts NS which evolved from Halifax Queer Creatives, which prior to the pandemic, was a group for queer and trans folks with any form of creative pursuit to gather on a bi-weekly basis.

Queer Creatives Space programming is intended for folks existing under the trans or queer umbrella. Questioning people are more than welcome; Queer Creatives Space sessions are all ages friendly.

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This used to be held out of Glitter Bean Cafe. We ran a pilot program with Eyelevel back in 2022 to try and offer arts programming for queer and trans folks, and I used the experience to apply for the Artists in Communities Grant offered by Arts NS. The funding we received is allowing us to run over 20 program sessions between July 2023 to June 2024 that are all arts programs intended for queer and trans folks. We're currently functioning out of Wonder'neath's Project Room and the programming is a masked space and free.

Robin Wolfe is the lead artist, coordinator, and facilitator for QCS programming, and Eli Warriner has been assisting them with programming prep, facilitation, and promotional material. During the Winter of 2024, Wren Tian and Amanda Leigh will be giving artist talks or workshops as part of QCS's programming, which are currently in the works. Sid Oak and Robin Wolfe were co-facilitators and coordinators for Halifax Queer Creatives pre-pandemic.