7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Bi & Beyond Mixer
No matter your relationship preferences or the type of connection you are looking for, THIS is the event for you. Mix and mingle with like-minded people and see where the conversation goes. Meet 2S/LGBTQIA+ 'singles' from across Nova Scotia.
Do you know what a Lock & Key Mixer is? Before you start balking at the thought of a 70’s throwback and a very large bowl filled with everyones keys, I'm sorry to say this is not that kind of event... ;) Lock and Key is a really straight forward way to make sure everyone mingles without the need for awkward silences. In a nut shell, half of the room gets keys and the other half gets locks. Meet as many people as you can and see if your lock and key are a match. If the lock opens the lucky couple will come to us and be entered into a draw for the potential to win the door prize. You then get either a lock or key (the opposite of what you had last time) and away you go again.
Tickets: $30 + taxes/fees. This event is 25+. More details can be found on the ticket site.
Location: The Women's Council House, 989 Young Ave