2177 Gottingen

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2177 Gottingen Street

Historian Blair Beed says: HRM Municipal archives website says that pre 1960, the number 2177 was 273. Then if you go to the Hopkins Atlas of 1878 on the Nova Scotia Public Archives site you see it as 73 Gottingen Street. With the old number of 273 or 73, you can go to any of the city directories in the reference room of the library on Spring Garden Road. I'm not sure if the Northend Memorial Library keeps city directories. Just pick a directory year and find the information.

In 1878 it appears to be a duplex with the other half sharing the site as 71. This could be the same building as it does have the shape and hip roofline of an older building style. In the 1941 city directory, the #71 side was Hart's Shoe Store and #73 was A. Graham Men's Furnishings. In 1960, #73/273/2177 was known as A. Graham Men's and Boys Wear, and at #271, Hart's Shoes had been replaced by Sally's.1


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The Ark

Here is Trish Spark talking about The Ark (mp3, 5 minutes) which the RadStorm space was previously used for. She mentions Dorothy who was at the core of the place and talks about philanthropic work by the Catholic Church.

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