AGL - Atlantic Gays and Lesbians In Health Care and Social Services

Atlantic Gays and Lesbians in Health Care and Social Services (AGL) was established March, 1985. We ar a group of gays and lesbians working in these and related areas who have joined together with the following objectives:

  1. As a support group to discuss issues which affect us as gay and lesbian workers in these areas; to discuss issues which affect gay and lesbian clients in the organizations and institutions where we work
  2. and as an outreach group to work on these issues in the broader community

At present, members include people active in the areas of law, social work, education, nursing, the ministry and human services.1

Members: SusanBailey?, ChuckBaker?, KenBelanger, LindaBrown?, ElizabethDonovan?, JimDonovan?, ColleenEdmonds?, NancyHamilton?, BarbaraHarris?, NelsonHubley, BrianMacLeod?, DavidMorris?, NormanMoulton?, LouisRichard?, MaureenShebib, BobStead, HankWIlliams? (Fredericton)2


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