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From 1994 until early 2005, the Centretown Guest House was the leading gay and lesbian bed & breakfast in Halifax. It was located on Oxford, near Quinpool and run by SergeGionet & StephenParsons?, known universally as "Steve & Serge."

picSteve's Ice Cream Men

The house was decorated with Steve's paintings.

During the summer months, SergeGionet devoted himself full-time to hosting guests at Centretown. Every morning, he was up before dawn, and walked to a local pool with his dog, Guy, for an hour swim. Then, before guests were awake, he was back home, busy with baking, fixing coffee, and setting out breakfast. Serge loves to travel, enjoys the night life in Halifax, and is happy to help guests find their way around town. He serves guests with equal ease in English or French.

Their 1994 Christmas letter talks about the success of the first year, and a network of gay/lesbian Bed & Breakfasts called "The Maritime Rainbow Connection" listing

From their webpage, which in April, 2005 was marked "Last revised August 11, 2003"

We pride ourselves in being friendly and nodding. We maintain eye contact. We enjoy being asked to provide people with directions. We take our multiculturalism seriously.

Happenings throughout the summer range from live theatre, annual international parades, Buskers (street performers), open air concerts, cultural festivals, and special museum exhibits. Fine dining is available all-year long.

Halifax is a city made for walking. Buses are easy to get to and practical (downtown parking is expensive and hard to find). Most of our guests say that they should have stayed longer as there is so much to see. You are sure to find things that interest you. Go ahead and check us out by clicking on the buttons to the left.

picClockwise from top: Serge, Steve, and unknown.

Room Rates 2004

(taken from the web page, April, 2005, Canadian $, taxes included)

Guest Comments

This will certainly not be the last trip to Nova Scotia. The scenery is beautiful; Halifax is so different and refreshing after Manhattan! But best of all was the friendliness and hospitality of the people. Your guest house, Serge and Stephen, is the embodiment of that! We will be back again for sure and we know lots of New Yorkers who would find this to be a respite from the Big Apple. Thank you so much!

For a stranger most towns have no heart:
Search the land or the meals or art
And if it pleasures you'll find, or a refreshment of mind,
But your soul feels ignored and apart.
Not so Halifax city, we see,
In the month when leaves flame in each tree.
Centretown will admit you; its offerings will fit you
With sweet touches that suit to a "T"
So dear Stephen and Serge, many thanks
For a domicile in the premier ranks,
For your thoughtful concern, and for us learn
How to fill in our Halifax blanks.
More than hosts, you have been allies and friends
As we bucked career and other trends.
We intended to come back and pursue the same track.
Our path now has strong east-facing bends.
With much affection ..........

British Columbia, Canada

Halifax is a great place. We would love to come back again. Thanks.

United States

picLiving Room

Thanks for making me feel so much at home when I couldn't possibly be any further from it. Your hot tub is in danger of becoming notorious!


Serge and Stephen: I could not have felt more at home. Many thanks for your warm hospitality. Hope to visit again soon.

Ontario, Canada

Serge and Stephen, thank you so much for your warmth and friendliness. I will be back!


Thanks for the relaxing break from camping. Thanks for being so accommodating.


Many thanks for your hospitality and insight into Nova Scotian ways. Happily, I'll see you next week.


Thank you so much for such a warm and hospitable time\x97your generosity is unsurpassable. The boat ride, the dinner, your knowledge and helpfulness were wonderful.

Quebec, Canada

Thank you Serge for the hospitality. I will have to return because there was not enough time, I'm afraid! Love that Guy!


Many thanks ( loose translation)

Zurich, Switzerland

A lovely, well-appointed room, a glorious home, and a swell time had by both of us.


Thanks, Stephen and Serge. I had a great time in Halifax and really enjoyed staying at your home. Truly a pleasant experience.

Washington DC, USA

We enjoyed ourselves a lot! Many thanks!


Serge And Stephen:

Warm and welcoming people make the real difference in travelling; you are wonderful embassadors of Eastern hospitality. Too bad we couldn't stay to sample more of Serge's delicious baking. Many thanks and warmest wishes for the many guest house seasons ahead.


What a lovely place to visit\x97had it not been for a card I found at the Welcome Centre, I'd have missed it. Merci!

South Carolina, USA

Thanks for a wonderful time. Of all the B&B's (guest houses) I stayed at yours was the best! The hospitality and comforts were unsurpassed. I hope to make a trip back to Nova Scotia in the future and I'll stay at your place. Thanks.


The haunted house....

Centretown Guesthouse is a haunted house. Yep! It is haunted by three spirits. The first spirit is the spirit of love named "Serge." With its good care, this spirit brings you the food you need to enjoy the most out of your stay. The second spirit is the spirit of art named "Stephen" with its inspiration. This spirit fills the space with admirable paintings that you need to make good dreams at night. The third spirit is the spirit of joy and happiness named "Guy (the dog)". This spirit is very special. It makes sure you start the day with a smile on your face and that you finish it as quiet as possible ... Yep!!! I really believe in ghosts. Centretown Guesthouse is ... such a wonderful haunted house!!!

Quebec, Canada

Many thanks for helping when we missed our flight.


Thank you for sharing this beautiful old house.

Quebec, Canada

Quiet and discreet accommodations with old-fashioned Nova Scotia hospitality

picThe Dory

DanielMacKay has a story about this dory! And being towed, after dark, without lights, from the middle of Halifax Harbour to the Horse Shoe, by the then provincial Deputy Minister of Fisheries, Peter Underwood and his wife. In their canoe with a 5-hp engine.