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I came out of the closet when I was 17 years old, and I can laugh about it now, but it was quite the incident when it happened. I was gong back to my place with my friend, who we will call 'Fred'. We were talking about girls (nobody knew at the time) and he was trying to hook me up with one of his friend's exes. I was getting fairly unconfortable about what I knew about myself and just wanted to tell someone, so I thought I might as well tell him, seeing as how I had known him since I was like 6. My parents had left for the evening and there wasn't a light on in the house. Just as I was sticking the key in the door, I said to him, "Um, FRED, I have something to tell you, but I don't want you to get all freaked out or nothing, I just don't know who else I can tell." Being a good friend and all, he of course said, "Sure man, don't worry, what is it?". And I got all flustered, stumbled on my words for a bit, still flustering with the key in the door. He asked, "What is it? C'mon man, it can't be that bad." I was getting frustrated with myself because I just couldn't get the words out (which never happened to me before, so it was kind of a weird feeling), and then he said, "Jesus, man, what the hell is it?" Just joking and all, but I got so flustered that I jammed the key in the door, swung the door open quickly stomping into the house and yelled outloud to him, "I'm GAY! Ok? I'm Gay. That's what I wanted to tell you." Suddenly all of the lights came on and all of my family, friends and relatives yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" all at once, staring at me with smiles (well, most of them). I was SOOO embarrassed that I went running out of the house.

A few of them finally found me and brought me back. I was still embarrassed, but while I was gone, they had talked about it and decied to tell me that half of them had already figured it out for themselves. I felt pretty damn awkward, but we had the surprize party anyway and everyone had a good time. No one was upset with my coming out (except my Aunt, but she got over it) and I got more support that day than I had ever expected to.

Ok, I guess it's not a 'horror' story, but it's a pretty cool one, I think. -Danny Beautiful

that's a GREAT story Danny!!! -CapnDan

Here's mine. When I was 19 I met this smart, funny, built, handsome, handy, great cook guy, fantastic in bed, with an amazing career and I was just crazy about him and I moved in a few months later. Although he was as butch as the day is long, a fairly flamboyant florist was renting a room in his house. He was such a good cook and put on such fabulous dinners that I decided to come out to my brother Gary by inviting him to an elegant dinner for the four of us. Well, I did, he accepted, and we really put on the dog. Wine flowed, food courses came and went, conversation sparkled and people laughed and talked late into the night.

My brother gracefully thanked us and took his leave. It took him about 10 minutes to drive home. 12 minutes after he left, the phone rang. It was my Mom. "Gary says you're living with a houseful of fags!!!"

*LOL* Oh my god that's funny.