Was in this newspaper store in Yarmouth getting the weekly paper when my eye caught a copy of Wayves, I took it home and read it. This was in January, 1996 was 40 at the time, never been in a "gay bar' til I came up to Halifax for a weekend in January, 1996 Went to 'stonewall' for lunch then went back that Saturday night, felt like heaven as I was in a place with all gays for the 1st time, dancing and having a good time, Sunday evening I went there for supper, This guy walks in and I couldn't keep my eyes of him, Some how we met had a few drinks and went back to my hotel room, it was love at 1st sight. I returned back to Yarmouth til Good friday Of 1996 and I came out to my family and friends, That was ok, The guy and I became lovers for a year and a half but because of his gambling and being abusive I left but not before I made things worst and that another story, I enjoy the 3 gay bars here in Halifax. glad that I pick up that first copy of Wayves and I thank you all who take the time to put a good newspaper togather. A.M B

P.S. I'm now 50 years old live in the south end of Halifax, have lots of gay friends and don't have any plans of moving back to Yarmouth anytime soon. enjoy meeting new friends and going to second cup.

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