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(Born September 8, 1980 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia) is a Canadian pop/dance/electronic singer/songwriter. His vocal style has earned comparisons to Darren Hayes (Ex-Lead Singer for Australian pop act; Savage Garden), George Michael and Justin Timberlake. Dean works with independent American electronic label; Juiced-Up Records.


When 25 year-old Dean Boudreau was approached by dance producer Joey Impure in January of 2003 he was pleasantly surprised that anyone would be interested enough in his material to want to create a remix. Little did he know the magic that this budding musical partnership would create.

Early Years

Born a small-town boy, Dean grew up the youngest of two children in Riverton, Nova Scotia - Canada. He was often the muted, head-in-a-book type but it became evident early on that Dean was a creative soul dying to express himself. Art and writing as his strengths his shyness and insecurity often stood in the way of achieving his dreams, some of which no one really knew about. Despite an obvious love of music, Dean had never really shown any interest in singing. His father was (by night) the lead singer in a country cover band and his home was always filled with the sounds of country music.

Until Dean's parents divorced when he was eight years old, he knew little of the vast world of music outside of those borders. From there the love affair grew more and more intense. Music was both an escape and a powerful healing tool for him as he grew up, eventually moving from his hometown to the city of Halifax, NS to take up photography at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. It was during this new and exciting time, breaking free and going it alone, that Dean discovered home recording.

New Beginnings

Armed with Acid Recording Studio, Dean began writing and producing simple but catchy pop songs. As he developed his skills the tracks got more and more polished, personal and meaningful. Collaborators he met though entered the mix and soon a 16-track album entitled "Lost in Paradise" was created. Plans to release this album for sale fell through however, as Dean never truly felt the album was good enough quality-wise for the public.

Then along came Joey Impure and Global Dance Recordings. The produced remix to Dean's standout track with collaborator 151 (John Hobart) "Do You Think of Me" was solid. The vocals however, were those of someone who had not yet realized his own talent or ability but Impure saw potential and proposed they work on additional material. Their first release, a cover of the 1991 Collage hit; "I'll Be Loving You" gained the team much attention and momentum. Soon they were pumping out many originals, some hit and some miss. In summer of 2006 it seemed their effort had paid off in a 16 track collection of deeply personal music chronicling the life cycle of a relationship. An unexpected turn of events resulted in the loss of important files and masters and left the album incomplete. A dream, once so close, was now painfully far away.

A new project was created, one which came from a darker place, a place of loss and mourning. This project; entitled "What Remains" explores darker themes of depression and is expected to see a release sometime in late 2007. Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, the collaborative duo eventually picked up the pieces, and the remains of the previous effort "Love Through The Looking Glass" will now be released on February 14, 2007 on Juiced Up Records. Also look out for 3 CD singles with beautiful artwork designed by Dean himself inspired by Lewis Carrol's "Alice In Wonderland" and "Alice Through The Looking Glass."



+2007-2008 "What Remains" (Still In Production)

*Recorded and intended for inclusion on the album

  - Alone
  - Hit & Run
  - Junkie
  - What Remains...
  - Revolution
  - Suicide Tuesday

*2007: "Love Through The Looking Glass"


  1. Hotwired
  2. Fired Up!
  3. I'll Be Loving You
  4. In Your Eyes
  5. So Cold
  6. Not Healthy
  7. At The Tone
  8. Lie 2 Me
  9. Sorry (For Myself)
 10. Solace (Til The Pain Is Gone)
 11. Incomplete (Bonus Track)
 12. Solace (Til The Pain Is Gone) (Chilled Mix)

*2004: "Lost In Paradise"


  1. Should I (Be Sorry)
  2. I'm Your Main
  3. Breathless
  4. Edge of Goodbye
  5. Missing You
  6. Reach
  7. Blind
  8. Lost In Paradise
  9. Sunrise Without You
 10. Disco Daze
 11. Do You Think of Me
 12. Try
 13. Just A Memory (Acoustic)
 14. Unite
 15. My Refrain (It's Never Over)
 16. Anything Is Possible


*2007: "Incomplete"

pic This is a CD single featuring a handful of remixes of this hot cover by Dean, produced by Joey Cole from Juiced-Up Records. You may recognize the song as the smash hit from the Backstreet Boys.

  1. Hit Radio
  2. K.O. Radio Edit
  3. Unplugged Mix
  4. Club Mix
  5. K.O. Deep & Lush Mix
  6. OBE's Broken Strings Mix
  7. K.O. Deep & Lush Instrumental
  8. A.F.X Empty Spaces Mix

*2007: "In Your Eyes"

pic The second CD Single from "Love Through The Looking Glass." This beautiful and angelic love song was written by Dean himself and features soaring voals in the vein of Darren Hayes. Features remixes by Matt Moss, UNCX and K.O.

  1. Radio Edit
  2. K.O. Radio Edit
  3. Matt Moss PM Mix
  4. UCNX Instrumental
  5. Matt Moss AM Mix
  6. K.O. Midnight Anthem
  7. UCNX Remix 

*2007: "I'll Be Loving You" (Cover Song)

pic A fresh new cover of the 1993 hit by freestyle act; Collage. The CD Single contains the album mix plus 10 hot remixes! It's available for purchase on CD Single and digital download from

  1. Radio
  2. Club Mix
  3. Nick Wax Remix
  4. Club Edit
  5. K.O. Radio Edit
  6. Ananyi Remix
  7. K.O. Remix
  8. Matt Moss Main Edit
  9. Matt Moss Tribal Dub
 10. Matt Moss Main Mix
 11. Matt Moss Tribal Mix

*2004: "Do You Think of Me" (Promo CD Single)

  1. Album Version
  2. Ananyi Radio Edit
  3. Ananyi Original Mix
  4. Ananyi Midnight Confessions Mix

Guest appearances

*2007: Diva Nation ft. Dean - "Outta My Mind"

*2005: Ananyi ft. Dean - "When I See You Smile"

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