OK, so Deanie - aka Deanis (rhymes with Penis) hasn't been around all that much lately.. but neither has anyone else.. I figured I'd drop my new website on here and stuff though.. just in case anyone happened by.. :)


Deanie: DO YOU HAVE A WEBSITE? WHAT IS IT??? -gaybay

***** YES!!! Deanie has a website with all his work and his music on it.. it can be viewed at: Enjoy!!! ******

`ethan_19 (aka EthanNineteen) writes: Hey Deanis ;p you're the best person to dance with. S Club party!!

Deanie I want to touch your elbow. In a sexual manner. While we are making babies. -ChrissyBo

Deanie is a Virgo!! See GayHoroscopes.

Wow.. I wasn't expecting to have to look at my profile and respon to questions.. lol :) Well the photo above was taken by my roomate, Dallas. I enjoy it too cause it makes me look good.. which most pictures fail to do. I've actually toyed with the idea of doing actual fashion, lighting studio shots of the drag queens... any that I could get anyways.. or the really pretty ones.. but I'll bring a digital camera from school to the next drag show.. or something.. yeah.. ummm.. Chrissy I'd love you to touch my elbow while we're making babies (??) and..

I'm a Virgo - is that all? :) CategoryPerson