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Destination Fabulous actually started as an idea spawning from the 2003 Wayves Magazine Drag 101 series. The two of us, JacobStevens? and StevenMacLeod? were looking around the internet at different sites that carried things for DragQueens and the Transgendered community and found out that there isn't much out there. And the sites that are there carry low quality items at high prices if you know what we mean. This is kind of where the whole idea started.

Between the two of us we know a lot of people and places where you can get just about anything. And it wasn't until Adornement in October 2003 when we saw hand made jewelry, that we decided to jump in and see what we could do. So with only a idea and a prayer we registered the name Destination Fabulous Boutique.

A friend of ours, Angela Jorgenson ( designed the logo for us. She and her boyfriend, Traverse Davies (Titanium Mouse Design Group) started building the website for us: - The idea was simple: we wanted to offer a site and business that catered to that fabulous person in all of us. We didn't want it to be just for Drag Queens but for everyone. We would offer Wigs, Shoes, Breastforms (Silicon and Foam), Theatrical Makeup, and Jewelry (most of which is handcrafted by Steven from Swarovski Crystal). The main thing we wanted to do though was offer products that people could afford. The business is still in its infancy but its growing fast thanks to everyone that is helping us.

You can purchase directly from the site through PayPal or from our Home. We have so much more planned to happen with the company it's almost mind boggling. Our journey has only begun with this venture.


The web page came on line January, 2004 and was last seen May, 2006.

On January 25, 2006 it said, "Due to a server error we have been down for the last several weeks, we should have things up and running shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience." This is one of many GayBusinesses.