Drag 101

Drag 101 with DevaStation

pic Welcome to Drag 101 with DevaStation! This is the first in a series of instructional and fun sessions to help you become the Diva you've always wanted to be. I'm here to help everyone who has ever donned (or may want to don) a pair of heels and a wig and strut their stuff. In the following issues we will be covering every aspect of drag that you can possibly imagine - and more. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have, and remember, doing drag is first and foremost about having fun and feeling good about yourself. Hold your head up high and never let anyone tell you that you�re anything but beautiful.


The Idea

The idea for this column came to me from other Queens actually when someone overheard me explaining something to one of the new girls one night at NRG. "You should have your own column!" Most of the new girls come to me anyways at some point to get help with there makeup and hair anyways with my own column I could help everyone

Halifax has a lot of DragQueens and more are popping up every day but not all of them were as lucky as me to have a Drag Mother like StudioXleNoir. I want to help all of the girls be the best they can be. I'm a hair stylist, makeup artist and above all a Drag Queen myself. I like helping and explaining things to the girls and it feels good to know that I'm helping them to be better especially when someone from the transsexual and transgender community asks me something.

This series was originally published in WayvesMagazine beginning Summer 2003.