I was born at the old Halifax Infirmary, [1964]. I'm a gay male whom came out in August 2000 and what a relief off of my shoulders. I can be who I am as a person; a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend, a helper, and a partner.

I met my life partner in May, 2001, on chat. We met in person about a week later and have been together ever since. We had our Commitment Ceremony on May 17, 2003 at TheWeddingChapel. This was one of the best and happiest days of our lives, also having family and friends present. My partner and I have been living in Westend Halifax, since August, 2001.

I attended a private career college, taking Counselling Skills - Social / Human Services, from September, 2003 - February, 2004. (I filed a Human Rights Complaint against the college and its Director) and currently I am taking Counselling Courses online; and hope to have my Diploma by March, 2005 or sooner. I have been through a lot in my life and with the training and my life experiences I can help others move forward to better their lives.

Update: I won my Human Rights complaint against CAC College, through Mediation they have to change their policies/regulations as well as their student handbooks and instructors handbook. Plus I will receive Compensation.

Update - October 3, 2004 - We have applied for our Marriage License on Friday October 1, 2004 and can pick it up on Fri. October 8, 2004. We haven't set a date, but most likely before December 31, 2004. I will be changing my last name to my partners last name!