1941 - 1992

JimDeYoung writes: I was so glad to honor Donny's friendship with me by helping to catch his murderer, Chuck Raines. Donny had been working for VIA Rail just a little longer than I had. I miss him greatly still, as he was a great friend, who tried to have no enemies.

Donny is mentioned in Pink Blood:

Sexual abuse also emerged as the motive after CharlesWebb?, a twenty-six-year-old Halifax man, was charged in the 1992 killing of Donald Pettipas, a fifty-one-year-old VIA Rail bartender. The police isued a release stating that Pettipas -- stabbed twice in the chest with a large knife -- was a 'suspected homosexual' with a 'considerable male traffic coming and going from his apartment.' Police found photos of the victim posing with nude boys. Webb Said Pettipas sexually and physically abused him as a teenager, then took picutres of him. He clamined that Pettipas demanded sex again, using the photos as a form of blackmail. he said Pettipas came at him with a knife, and in the sturggle, Pettipas fell on it. The Crown objected: 'The knife was obviously plunged into the upper right part of the body with considerable force ... It pierced the body, went through the carpet, and even into the concrete. 1

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1. Pink Blood: Homophobic Violence in Canada pp 55