International Drag Community was formed in September 2004 by local drag queen NatasshaNlott and is currently maintained by a small group of members of Halifax's drag community. It serves as a mailing list and social group for drag queens and kings worldwide. With over 250 members, the group's membership is steadily growing and includes entertainers from not only throughout Canada and the U.S. but France, Great Britain, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Belgium and several other countries.

The premise of the group is a place that queens and kings can educate each other as well as promote events in their own communities to a larger audience and create a sense of an international community of drag artists. The group has a strict policy of being casual, laid back and uncensored... That is to say 'free speech' (as long as its somewhat respectful) is the theme. There is a monthly 'Queen Of The Month' contest that allows members to promote themselves and a yearly 'Mr. and Mz. International Drag Community' online competition that truly gives some validity to 'online drag pageants' by giving the winners direct tasks to perform that will improve the group and its sense of community.

ANYONE can join by visiting http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dragcommunity on the web or subscribe at mailto:dragcommunity-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

June, 2005 update: Several Halifax entertainers have been nominated for the honour of Mr. and Mz. International Drag Community. To support your Halifax favourites, join the group for a chance to vote in the upcoming election of the entertainers that best can create a sense of a bigger drag community outside of their own city.