Friday, January 20, 2006
A new after hours club opened in Halifax. The owners of BlueMoonBistro, JohnDickinson? & ChristopherRobinson? along with veteran after hours club owner KyleCurtis?]announce the opening of FLUX. The former ClubNrg, 2215 Gottingen St is the home of the new club.
Flux opened at 3am Friday & Saturday nights and closed at 8am. Admission was $10.00 plus tax, total $11.50 and party to the sounds of Future Fusion. There was no NO ALCOHOL permitted ! This was a non-licensed venue. Pop, water and juice were available at the bar. Marketed as "A one stop night out." Enjoy a great meet at BlueMoonBistro, the early night at EvolutionCabaret (upstairs) followed by after hours partying at Flux. Flux was available for special events and community events.
February, 2006
Flux no longer in operation
April, 2006
BlueMoonBistro (2215 Gottingen St.) is pleased to announce its new back bar (a speakeasy) open 8 pm-2 am every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Come for the great food at great prices in Blue Moon's front bistro and stay for $2 well shots from 10:30 pm-12:30 am and dance to all your favourites from the 80's, 90's and the new Millennium. There is NEVER COVER for the back bar with the exception of special events and private functions. For more information call (902) 446-3644
Late April, 2006
Name Flux has been merged into BlueMoonBistro. See that page for information about the venue; see LocalEvents for events.

This was one of the Halifax GayBars